Jes Extender Review: Complete with Before and After Pictures for Results

Jes Extender Review: Complete with Before and After Pictures for Results

If you have a small penis, bent penis, or Peyronie's disease; Jes Extender is for you.

Jes Extender can increase the size of your ‘small guy’ down there significantly. It is also recommended for penises with curvatures or bends to straighten them naturally and safely.

There are many methods used for penile enlargement which include penis extenders, surgery, pills, penis pumps, and vacuum devices. Of all these methods penis extenders such as Jes Extender are the safest and natural means for a bigger size down there.

However, even for the best products in the world; there’s always a good and bad side.

Jes Extender Pros

ü Safety

In comparison with other penile enlargement methods, the traction method is the safest. The other penile enlargement methods include surgery, pills, penis pumps, and vacuum devices.

ü Permanent Results

Jes extender brings on board permanent growth in length and girth. Penis pumps and vacuum devices could be better in treating erectile dysfunction but only increases the size temporarily.

ü Natural Method

Jes extender uses the natural method of tissue growth known as cytokinesis. This involves painless division and multiplication of cells hence resulting in the natural growth of tissue.

ü Increases both girth and length significantly

When Jes extender is used appropriately over six months, penis sizes increase by over 36%. This has been proven by different customers and researchers who studied the effectiveness of this brilliant extender.

ü It can be used by everyone

Jes extender is user-friendly and can be used by anyone. Whether you want to increase the size of your manhood or straighten a bent penis; Jes will sort you out without much hustle.

ü Flexibility

Jes offers a wide range of options. Usage hours and duration are flexible. Whether you want to wear it for long or short hours, it's your choice. However, note that the longer you wear it the faster the growth becomes. Wearing it daily too increases the chances of attaining your size grows sooner. Also, note that you can still have sex while using it because it's safe.

ü Comfort

The device is comfortable and can even be worn with loose trousers. The device can be worn wherever you go and you can still have sex while in the enlargement program.

ü Trusted

By January 2020 more than half a million people had used this device and were successful in attaining their size goals. This assures you that you will not be the guinea-pig to test its effectiveness.

ü Can treat curvatures

Jes extender can straighten curved dicks. This is known as Peyronie's disease which can be corrected by Jes extender effectively.

ü Best alternative from other penile enlargement methods

Many penile enlargement methods are risky. For instance, surgery is susceptible to complications and is much more expensive. Surgery can bring about unintended results which are almost irreversible or too expensive.

Jes Extender Cons

o Time Frame

The recommended time frame for desired results is about six months. Some people would like to have instant results that are impossible with penis extenders. The gains are slow and gradual although permanent.

o Different results for everyone

The fact that one wears it as frequently as they would like makes results different for everyone. One that wears it for extended amounts of time realizes more growth than one who would wear it for much less time and maybe skipping multiple days.

o Age limit

The company can’t ship the product to people lower than 18 years old. People below this age limit still have growth potential and cannot legally make their own decisions according to laws in the majority of countries and territories.

Wondering what varieties are available?

Note that all Jes-Extender products come with a 100% money-back guarantee, a warranty, and there are spare parts available for order if the need arises. All products are manufactured and assembled in Denmark with shops all over the USA and Europe.

Jes-Extender Light

This variety is perfect for beginners or even continuing men not yet reached their size goal. It also works best with penises up to 17cm long.

The package includes one silicone tube, one protection pad, one comfort strap, one Basel unit, one dual-function front piece, two pieces of 1-inch elongation bars, two pieces of 2-inch elongation bars, and a Jes-extender quick guide on how to use the device correctly.

The manufacturer guarantees 100% of your money back if the device doesn’t help your penis get larger and stronger. The device also comes with a 1-year warranty in case it doesn't meet the expectations as required.

Jes-Extender Original Comfort

This is the bestselling variety of Jes-Extenders. It comes with an executive mahogany case. It has a transparent silicone tube, a front piece comfort strap, a set of keys, and access to an online instructional video. It also comes with a two-year warranty and is suitable for a penis up to 24cm long.

The package comes with a basel unit, a silicone tube, a protection pad, a dual-function front piece, a comfort strap, two pieces 1-inch elongation bars, four pieces 2-inch elongation bars, a set of keys, and a Jes extender quick guide.

The manufacturer also guarantees a 100% money back on your money if the device doesn’t bring about the Promised Land.

Jes-Extender Titanium

This variety is the epitome of sleekness with an aluminum case so that you can continue with the program even when on travel. This variety’s elongation bars are 0.5 inches longer than other varieties which help in more accurate monitoring on the growth process.

It also comes with front piece comfort straps, a set of keys, and unlimited access to an online instructional video. This variety is appropriate for a penis up to 24cm long and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The package includes a protection pad, a silicone tube, a basel unit, a dual-function front piece, a comfort strap, two pieces 0.5-inch elongation bars, two pieces 1-inch elongation bars, a set of keys, and a Jes-extender quick guide.

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee.

Jes-Extender Gold

This variety is made of 24 carat Gold. This device is of high quality without a doubt. It comes with a set of keys, a front piece comfort strap, a cohesive gauze, access to an online instructional video, and a Velcro strap.

The package includes a basel unit, a silicone tube, a comfort strap, a dual-function front piece, two pieces of protection pad, two pieces 2.5 inches elongation bars, two pieces 1-inch elongation bars, four pieces 2 inches elongation bars, a set of keys, a cohesive gauze, a quick guide, and a custom Velcro strap.

The warranty period is, wait for this, 5 years, and has a 100% money-back guarantee. It is suitable for a penis up to 24cm long.

Jes-Extender Platinum

This variety is the epitome of luxury. This high-end device has all its metallic parts coated with 100% pure platinum. The purity is proven with a certificate of verification included in the packaging. With a 2 year warranty, it also comes with a front piece comfort strap, a cohesive gauze, a set of keys, a Velcro strap, an extension kit, and unlimited access to an online instructional video.

The packaging includes a basel unit, a silicone tube, a dual-function front piece, a comfort strap, two pieces of protection pad, two pieces 0.5-inch elongation bars, two pieces 1-inch elongation bars, a set of keys, a cohesive gauze, a custom Velcro strap, and a quick guide.

Unlike other products, the Jes-extender platinum has a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

It is suitable for a penis up to 24cm long.

How Jes extender works

A small or bent penis can cause a struggle in a man’s life more so psychologically. The good news is that this condition can be corrected safely.

There is a myriad of ways one can use to increase both the length and girth of their penis. Most of these methods are either invasive surgery procedures or the use of pills. Compared to the use of penis extenders, surgery, penis pumps, vacuum devices and the use of pills are riskier. Surgery and pills offer fast results while penis extenders offer slow but safer means.

Jes extender is a penis extender that uses traction technology to grow the length and girth of your penis naturally. Traction technology involves the repetitive stretching of the penile cells. These cells in return rupture, heal and multiply as a result. This continuous process encourages the replication of cells and hence the growth of your penis painlessly.

Jes extender can be used by everyone. The penis extender can be used for two main reasons; to correct bent penises and to increase the size of your penis.

Having a curvature on your penis doesn’t have to give you sleepless nights. Jes extender can help you straighten your manhood and thus enable better penetrative sex.

Micro-penises can also be corrected by Jes-extender. If one uses the dick extender as directed in the instruction manual, results are guaranteed.

Whether a man is married or in any sort of relationship, their bedroom performance is a determining factor on many fronts including their confidence. The majority of men with successful sexual life are generally happy other factors notwithstanding.

Research shows that over 50% of men are not satisfied with the size of their little man. It is a common occurrence to worry about what their partners think about their penis size or performance in bed.

The best thing about Jes penis extender is that it’s comfortable, painless, and you can still have sex while in the program.

Jes Extender Results

Jes extender has guaranteed results. Medical tests have shown that Jes extender has proved to be effective in increasing the size of a penis over time. Furthermore, some customers have also volunteered to share their progress with the manufacturers of Jes extender.

The graph plotted from the client’s data shows that size growth is consistent over time. However, there are differences in the progress witnessed. Some Jes-extender users get faster growth than others. This could be attributed to the proper use of instructions of use or by the difference in the growth of tissue cells in people, although, everyone has positive results.

Medical Tests

There are multiple medical tests and research studies that have been done to obtain the best method for growing a penis’ size. Jes extender manufacturers have also done their medical tests by contracting a third-party researcher. The medical tests show the evidence of the permanent growth of a penis both in length and girth when using Jes Extender.

There are also other research studies on penis growth methods such as the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) and the Wendy Hurn study as elaborated below.

The Wendy Hurn Study on Peyronie’s Penis Extenders

Wendy Hurn is a urology specialist with Bristol Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom. The study found out that penis traction is a perfect alternative to surgery and other methods used to treat Peyronie’s disease. Penis traction is the technology that utilizes the natural growth of tissue cells by the cytokinesis process.

Peyronie’s disease is the bending of a penis which the study found out can be corrected by using penis extenders that utilize traction technology like the Jes-Extender. Apart from straightening the penis, it also increases the penis’ length and girth.

The study involved 22 men between the ages of 18 to 78 years who had Peyronie’s disease. After 3 months and 5 hours daily of using penis extenders, the study discovered an average increase in the length of 0.8 to 2.3 cm and a 20% reduction of the penile curvatures.

The BJUI Research

The British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) published a study to prove penis enlargement methods in April 2011.

The research was intended to find non-invasive penile enlargement methods to be an alternative to surgery. The study, therefore, evolved around penis extenders and other non-invasive devices.

The study finally found out that penis extenders offer a perfect alternative to surgery. They also learned that penis extenders give permanent penile enlargement results with the least possible risk.

Jes-Extender Money Back Guarantee

Unlike many other penis extenders in the market, Jess extender offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This shows a lot of confidence in the product from the manufacturer.

Having such a 100% money-back guarantee means that one cannot be afraid to purchase the product since your money is safe in case the product doesn’t work.

The money-back-guarantee means value for your money is also guaranteed. Such a guarantee means that the product is of high quality and results are therefore guaranteed too.

IF you have complaints about the product, it can either be covered by the warranty or the money-back guarantee. You just need to call their customer care number to initiate a return.

Their customer care hotline is responsive and you are guaranteed to be helped instantly.

Jes-Extender Products Warranty

Jes Extender gives a product warranty depending on the product. The warranty period can range from 1 year to a lifetime.

A product warranty means that if the product has a defect or does not work as it should, the manufacturer can take it back to repair the mishap.

A warranty assures a buyer that if anything went amiss due to the manufacturer’s error, they are guaranteed a refund or a repair within the stipulated time for the warranty.

All warranties issued by Jes extender work appropriately as reviewed by customers who have used their products.

Jes-Extender CE Certificate

A CE certification is a mark of quality showing that a product has conformed to standards in the European Economic area.

Jes extender has, therefore, been certified to meet these standards hence safe to use anywhere.

CE certification means that the manufacturer is keen enough to meet EU standards about health, safety, and environmental requirements.

CE certification also stands for compliance with legislation in the European Union region.

CE certification also means that the product can move freely in the European market.

Jes extender is therefore of the highest standards attainable and safe to use for everyone.

Customer Support

The after-sales service from Jes extender hasn't had any complaints so far from the customers we have heard from so far.

They have customer support offices in the US and the Americas, Europe, and Denmark since these products are made in Denmark.

The customer support is always ready to answer your concerns 7 days a week and 24 hours every day. Customer support supports 19 languages and can be contacted via telephone calls, instant chats, or emails.

About Jes Extender Manufacturers

Jes extender is made by Danamedic ApS in Denmark. Danamedic also makes several other products such as sizegenetics, Jes extender, and male edge for male enlargement products.

The Jes extender manufacturers are based in Denmark but have set up shop in the Americas and Europe to take care of their clients abroad.

According to customers that have had an experience with the customer service, it is an excellent one unless they change over time. Once you contact them about a return, for instance, the process kicks off immediately until your concerns are catered for.

In comparison with other similar products in the market, Jes extender is reasonably priced. Being the original product in the market for male enlargement means that they have absolutely the best product.

Their money-back guarantee is also a plus for this product since it shows the confidence they have invested in the making of this product. More than half a million men had used this product by the end of 2019 which means that this product has already been proven to be of satisfactory quality.

Payment Methods

Jes extender offers quick and safe means to pay for your product. They accept credit cards and PayPal. Credit cards accepted include MasterCard, visa, maestro, and visa electro.

These payment methods are accessible the world over. They are also safe for payment meaning there is a low risk of cybercrime. They are also fast and almost instantaneous which means your order will be processed immediately and shipping initiated.

Shipping Information

Recent Update on COVID19 – Shipping of all orders for Jes extender has not been affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Check out local restrictions in your locality.

All shipping of products from Jes extender within the USA, Europe, and Canada worth $100 and more is free. Any other shipping outside these countries is charged according to location and is calculated at checkout.

Shipping is done via reputable shipping services around the world such as DHL Express, Deutsche Post, FedEx, GLS, and USPS depending on the location of delivery. These delivery services are fast and affordable which makes delivery effective in the shortest time possible.

Jes extender promises to ship every day all orders received before noon on weekdays. this means fast delivery for everyone, 24 hours for customers around Europe, 1 to 2 days for customers in the US and Canada, and 3 to 4 days for customers for other customers around the world.

Once shipping is initiated, an email with tracking code is sent to your email address which helps you know the extent of the delivery at any given time. This helps you know the moment your delivery arrives for pick up.

Any unforeseen delays such as customs clearance on transit do not involve Danamedic ApS but they will do everything in their power to allow you to have the product the soonest possible.

However, in the case of returns, Danamedic ApS’s money-back guarantee will refund the full product cost excluding shipping costs. The company also notifies its customers that they are not responsible for all other costs related to imports such as value-added tax (VAT), customs duty, and so on.

Jes extender

Jes extender is an unmatched penis enlargement device that guarantees results. This enlargement device uses the traction technology which takes advantage of the natural tissue cells division and multiplication process and hence enlargement.

Traction technology induces cells to divide and multiply and hence natural growth of the tissue cells. The changes experienced thereof are permanent and have no side effects.

Jes extender was the original male enlargement device and can also be used to treat Peyronie's disease and penile curvatures. Jes extender has proved efficient in straightening bent dicks which raises the quality of penetrative sex for the affected men and their partners.

Penis Pumps and Vacuum Devices in comparison to Penis Extenders

Penis pumps, vacuum devices, and penis extenders have proven to be effective for different purposes.

Penis extenders are effective in penile enlargement in both length and girth. Penis extenders have also proven to be efficient in treating penile curvatures and straightening of bent penises.

Penis pumps and vacuum devices are effective in treating erectile dysfunction. They have been proven to be efficient in increasing the blood flow in penises during erection and thus improving erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps and vacuum devices have also been noted to increase the size of a penis temporarily during their usage. This does not mean that one can use them for permanent penile enlargement purposes.

Therefore, it’s prudent to use penis extenders such as Jes Extender for penile enlargement and subsequently use penis pumps and vacuum devices for treating erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, Penis pumps and vacuum devices have been proven to correct erectile dysfunction. However, only penis extenders can increase the size of a penis permanently. The excessive use of penis pumps and vacuum devices can also lead to dysfunction in the blood flow thus they should only be used as advised.

Cock extender/ Dick extender

If you wish to have that huge cock, Jes extender is a perfect choice. Jes extender has been proven to guarantee size growth in the over half a million users worldwide so far.

The method has also been proven to be the safest compared to other methods such as surgery and pills. Surgery has been proven to be risky for complications and can also be expensive comparatively. Pills also use hormones to elicit growth which can have side effects or prove unsuccessful to some people.

Best penis extender

Penis extenders come in all shapes and sizes. To get the best penis extender that can work for you doesn’t have to be an uphill task.

There are multiple brands in the market with the leading ones being Jes Extender, Sizegenetics, and the male-edge all from Danamedic ApS.

Jes extender is a leading penis extender that guarantees results. If you don't get any results within the stipulated time while correctly using the device, 100% money back is guaranteed.

However, you can also try sizegenetics and male-edge penile enlargement devices which are also leaders in the market.

Penis stretchers/ Best penis stretcher

Penis stretchers are also known as penis extenders. Penis stretching can also be defined as the increase in both length and girth.

Increasing the size of your penis is not a myth and is possible using penis extenders and a myriad of other ways.

There are various ways that one can use to gain the size of their penis. These methods include surgery, the use of pills, penis extenders, and others. The safest of all these methods is the use of penis extenders as a substitute to surgery which is prone to complications and can be expensive comparatively.

Best penis extensions

Penis extenders work differently with different people. With differently I mean, due to the freedom of the frequency of use, various people will experience varying results.

The best results, therefore, are seen when men use as instructed i.e. daily at least three hours every twenty-four hours taking short breaks not exceeding one day every seven days.

Jes-Extender is a leader in the penile enlargement purpose with the safest means possible. Jes extender has been proven to increase the penile size by over 36% when used appropriately.

Penis extenders video


Penis extender amazon

Jes Extender is also available at amazon. However, Amazon charges for shipping at higher rates than on the manufacturer's website where shipping to the US and Europe are free of charge.

Shipping is an important part of ordering a product. Sometimes shipping can increase the cost of a product significantly. Local shipping fees that add up to about 25% of a product's price could surpass many client's budgets.

Jes extender's official website does not charge shipping for destinations within the United States and all over Europe.

How to use a penis extension

Using Jes Extender is easy. The package comes with a user-manual and there are instructional videos online that help you wear the device appropriately.

There is no fixed plan on how often one can wear the penis extender. However, the frequency of wearing the device can be directly traced to the results. The majority of people wear the penis extender for 5 to 6 hours daily which has an average of 10% growth in the length. Wearing the penis extender for 4 to 6 months then gives an average growth of 28% in length and about 19% in girth which are well noticeable.

Jes extender can also be worn at work under boxers and loose trousers if your job is non-physical. It can also be worn while one sleeps if you are not the twist-and-turn type of sleepers.

Jes extender does not need any surveillance from a doctor provided you use the gadget diligently as instructed by the manufacturers. There are also no known side effects by using penis extenders, unlike other penile enlargement methods. Other penile enlargement methods have multiple side effects such as infertility, urination complications, loss of erection stamina among others.

Jes extender also works with all men of all sizes above the age of 18 years. Results of growth in size are guaranteed by a double money-back guarantee. If under normal use and documented use one doesn't achieve any growth, the manufacturer assures a double money-back guarantee.

Penis girth extender

Penis girth as well as the length is a significant part of the size of a penis. There are many ways people have tried increasing the girth as well as the length of their manhood. However, the safest way to increase the girth and length is by the use of penis extenders.

Penis extenders such as Jes Extender have a clean bill of health from researchers and medical practitioners. Medical tests and research have shown that penis extenders are the only safe way to increase the girth and length of a penis.

Penis enlarging tool

It has been a long and tiresome search for the perfect penis enlarging tool. Finally, we settle on the Jes Extender penis enlargement device.

Jes extender is the original penis enlarger with more than 20 years of service to men all over the world. Jes extender has been used by over half a million men around the world hence raising the confidence in its use.

There are other penis extenders like sizegenetics and male-edge which you might want to consider too.

Penis stretching videos


Penis accessories/ Jes Extender Accessories

Jes extender has replaceable accessories and others that help the user enjoy the journey of enlargement. These accessories help to address issues that arise while using the penile enlargement device.

Jes extender accessories include:

· Accelerate Cream Moisturizer

This cream is meant to moisturize and smoothen the skin after using Jes extender. It is a silicone-based cream which should be used regularly for good skin conditioning.

· Accelerate Clean Disinfectant

This is cream is meant to kill bacteria, fungus, and yeast from your device after using the device. It is recommended to disinfect the device before using it again.

· 3M 6-pack Plaster

If you have sensitive skin that becomes sore from the silicon tube, it important to use this product. The product has been made in cooperation with 3M.

· Basal Ring Bolt (Left)

This is the spare part for replacing the original part in the package.

· Basal Ring (White)

This is a spare part of the white basal ring sold at the purchase of the device.

· Accelerate Traction Powder

This traction powder is meant to absorb moisture from your skin and from the device to ensure better service. Better traction in the growth process means better results.

· Basal Ring Bolt (Right)

This is a spare part of the right basal ring bolt.

· Cohesive Gauze

The cohesive gauze is meant to increase the protection and securing of the silicone or strap. The cohesive gauze increases the grip of the device while decreasing slipping which improves comfort in using the device.

· Comfort Front Set (Black)

This comes as a set with; comfort strap, front piece slot, and a protection pad. It also consists of plastic support and a rubber strap.

· Comfort Front Set (White)

This a set of comfort strap, front piece slot, and a protection pad. There's also a rubber strap and plastic support.

· Complete Assembled Arm (Left)

This is a replacement for the entire side for the Jes extender light, titanium, and original. The replacement is easy and one can do it themselves.

· Complete Assembled Arm (Right)

The right side arm can be completely replaced in case of any defect.

· Custom Velcro Strap

This comes as a set with; a protection pad, front piece slot, and a Velcro fastening for precise pressure. There’s also a protection pad, plastic support, and a Velcro strap to allow a seamless adjustment to the tension.

· Keys (set of 2)

These keys are used in customizing the size by tightening and loosening the elongation bars.

· No-slip Protech

This item helps to add girth while aiding in securing the strap easily and comfortably. It increases grip and comfort while reducing slip.

· Protection Pad

The protection pad increases comfort and grip.

· Rubber strap (Black)

This is a normal rubber strap for fixing behind the glans and is adjustable to your size.

· Rubber strap (white)

This is a regular rubber strap for fixation behind the penis glans which is adjustable to any size.

· Ruler/Measurer

The ruler aids in measuring both the angle and length of a penis. This allows you to document the growth journey.

· Transparent Silicone Tube

This is an alternative method of fixation compared to the rubber strap. People prefer any of the two methods.

· Springs (set of 2)

The springs are not visible in assembled devices. They can be bought as spare parts.

· A Cylinder

This is a spare part for the left and right of the device.

· Cylinder Top Screw

This is a spare part for the right and left side of the cylinder top screws.

· 1.25 cm Elongation Bar (set of 2)

· 2.5 cm Elongation Bars (set of 2)

· 5 cm Elongation Bars (set of 2)

· 4 holes Front Piece (white)

· Front piece combo (Black)

· Hand Screw (left)

· Hand Screw (Right)

· Hexagonal piston (left)

· Hexagonal piston (Right)

How to use penis extender/ Penis stretching video

Cheap penis extender

Penis extenders in many brands and prices. Expensive does not always mean quality that’s why you should explore even the cheaper options.

On the other hand, expensive could also mean the expertise, material, and experience put into the making of a product. You should always go for the product that has already been reviewed by others which means you will not be the first one to try the product.

Buying a second-hand penis extender can be cheap but could also come with its fair share of challenges. Buying a new product ensures quality and value for your money.

Jes extender has a range of products that are also affordable giving you a variety to choose from. The range of es extenders includes light, original, and platinum which have a variety of features.

Penis enlarger tool/ Male extender

There are many brands of penis enlargers. Choosing the right one for you is the uphill task. Jes-extender is a wise choice for a penis enlarger tool.

Jes extender offers a double money-back guarantee if the extender doesn't show any results after a documented use. This guarantee shows that they have great confidence in their product and you now should too.

Penis Extender Reddit/ Do extenders work forum

Reddit has discussed the penile enlargement topic. Reddit is a platform for discussing topics and rating products/services. Many of the participants have seen great results in the devices. The participants that have seen great growth results are those that put great effort into the use of the devices.

Just like medical tests and research, Reddit users have also approved the use of penile extenders. Jes extender is one of the best penile extenders and is worth a try if you’re looking for fast and safe results.

Using a penis extension

Penis extender video

Penis enlargement prices

There are many methods for penis enlargement which have different prices. Surgery could be the most expensive of all other enlargement methods. Pills could the cheapest of the methods.

However, the price shouldn’t be the sole determinant of the choice of product you make. Safety and the after-effects should also be on top of the list of determinants.

Surgery can be classified as a riskier method than the use of penis extenders for instance. Penis extenders are the safest and most natural method of increasing both the girth and length of your manhood. Jes extender is one of the bestselling penis extenders with an excellent reputation.

Penis extender videos

Jes website

The Jes extender's official website is the recommended place to shop for your Jes extender. There are multiple other shops where you can order for a genuine Jes-extender but there are numerous benefits of ordering from the manufacturer.

First, the Jes-extender's official website offers a 10% discount when you use the "jes10" coupon code at checkout. Secondly, unlike other shopping outlets such as Amazon, the manufacturer ships free-of-charge for orders more than $100 for destinations in the US, Canada, Denmark, and Europe. Other shops charge up to $50 just for shipping. They also have physical shops in all these countries they ship free making after-sales service even more accessible.

Penis extender for sale

There are thousands of offers on penis extenders online and in stores; but what is your best deal amidst all these enticing products.

To save you the time and money in trying out these products, we have done the legwork for you to determine the leading products in the industry.

What is a reputable penis extender? The best penis extender is one that other people have reviewed so that you are not among the first few that test its effectiveness. You don’t have to act the guinea pig.

Jes extender is one such product that has been used by over 500,000 men around the world. Reviews trickle in thick and fast with fulfilling results from the clients.

Clients who used Jes-extender say that they witnessed noticeable growth in both girth and length after even the first 2-3 months of use.

Manual penis stretching

Manual penis stretching is an effortless method to make your manhood longer and more firm. To stretch your penis manually;

· Hold the tip of your penis,

· Make a pull upwards to stretch your penis for about 15 seconds,

· Make left, right, front, and backward movements each taking about 15 seconds in every position.

· Repeat this exercise at least twice every day for about 5 minutes.

Jes extender before and after pictures

Jes-extender gives noticeable results after even 2 months of effective use. The following are the before and after Jes-extender uses pictures.

The best penis extender

Penis extenders come in many brands and therefore varying qualities. The best among these many brands could be singled out by finding out how they have been reviewed by people who were brave enough to use them.

Jes extender is among the best penis extenders in existence today. It was the original penis extender made in the early 2000s with more than half a million men have used it until 2020.

Jes extender results

The following graph and data represent the average results witnessed by the men who agreed that their results could be used to find the average percentage of growth in both length and girth.

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6
Length Growth (%) 6 12 18 24 30 36
Girth Growth (%) 3.2 6.4 9.6 12.8 16 19

Jes extender before and after photos (More photos…)

Jes homepage

Jes-extender homepage makes it easier to purchase any Jjes products and access 24/7 customer care.

Jes products available on the Jes website include all Jes variations, accessories, and spare parts.

The advantage of ordering all Jes products from their official site is because they are swift and give free shipping for orders above $100 in Europe, Canada, and the US.

They also have stores all over these regions for customer service response.


What is Jes Extender?

Jes-Extender is a penile enlargement device with a good reputation to give the desired results.

How fast can I see increases with Jes extender?

With the right effort, you can notice a difference within two months of first use.

How to properly use a Jes extender?

You can use Jes at your own pace, however, it’s prudent to use it for at least 5 hours every day.

Jes extender how long to wear?

Wear Jes-Extender for at least 5 hours daily for the utmost results.

How visible is the Jes extender when wearing?

Wear Jes-Extender with loose-fitting trousers and you are good to go. You can even work while wearing it if your work isn't too physical.

How tight should the Jes extender be?

With the liberty of use that comes with Jes-Extender, there are no tight rules. However, you can tighten it to the point you feel comfortable; not too tight, not loose either.

How to start using the Jes extender?

Starting off to use Jes doesn’t have to scare you. Begin your exciting journey today.

How to use Jes extender?

Jes can be used for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. It can also work well with all sizes of penises since it’s adjustable.

How to clean Jes extender?

Clean regularly with a disinfectant before every use.

How to wear Jes extender under clothes?

Provided you wear it under loose-fitting trousers, you'll be ok.

How many hours a day should I use Jes extender?

Use Jes Extender for 5-6 hours daily provided you feel comfortable while at it.

How to know when to take off Jes extender?

Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just remove it until you feel better. It’s never that serious. The program should be comfortable and fun.

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6 thoughts on “Jes Extender Review: Complete with Before and After Pictures for Results

  1. Hello there, I tried Jes and I hve gained double the size I initially had. Should I continue using it? Are gains dangerous to some extent? Please advise?!

    1. Hello Jeremy,
      Thanks for stopping by. Provided you are following the device’s guidelines, keep on winning. However, don’t get overexcited if you have surpassed 6-7 inches, that’s enough you can stop. Don’t overuse, just wear the device in the correct routine. Hoping we answered your question.

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